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Welcome to the Mint Studios website! Here at Mint Studios, we focus on bringing the highest quality (we can achieve) games to you!

The indie game studio was founded on August 20th, 2019. It was originally known as just bkoklu001.

All games are made with the Godot Engine.

Mint Studios is an indie game studio, with one lone wolf developing games. Although sometimes it is considered 2 people, because of a nice QA tester who tests games and provides moral support.

We release mostly on and have released on the Google Play Store.

You can view the Mint Studio Wiki for tons of information!

Walls of Stone

WOS Logo

Walls of Stone (WOS) is a game that is currently in development. This game is released. This game is developed for Android, and there are plans to port it to iOS and iPadOS.

You are trapped in a labyrinth, and you have to escape the walls made of stone. From turrets to traps, this game is a mind-boggling puzzle. After finding gems when you complete levels, you can go to the strange shop and recruit other escapees.

The Wiki Page

(Released, Being Developed)

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The Final Dynasty

The Final Dynasty Logo

The Final Dynasty is deprecated. This game is still in pre-release. The web version of this game is for testing only.

This game focuses on a king who is the founder of a very early kingdom. Use your persuasive abilities to grow your kingdom to a large scale empire!

The Final Dynasty Web Version

Trello Roadmap

The Wiki Page

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codeIdle Logo

codeIdle is the first released game of Mint Studios. It has been deprecated, but will have a sequel in the upcoming years.

This is a clicker game, focusing on making apps with code, and selling them. With that money you hire people to do it for you.

codeIdle Download

The Wiki Page


(Fully released, deprecated)